Winning the (digital) world with AdWords

This week’s assignment focuses on search engine marketing especially of the use of Google AdWords to create effective online advertising. Even though my experience with this technique is very limited, I tried my very best to find out which keywords could be used for my favorite brand – which is still – Audi.

How does Google AdWords work?
For everybody like me who knows the word AdWords and has some kind of ideas what it does, I will provide some information that will help to understand itself and the assignment I performed a bit better:
As we all know AdWords is a form of online marketing called keyword advertising. The ads itself can be seen on Google in front, at the right side and sometimes also at the bottom of the search results. AdWords appear when they fit content wise to the search enquiry or the related website. The advertiser makes use of certain keywords which describe the presented product or service. If someone enters this keyword or a correlated term in Google, he/she will be not only given the organic search results, but also matching AdWords ads. The advertiser himself is responsible for designing the keywords and the content. For a long-term marketing project or a short-term campaign, he/she has to indicate certain  keywords under which the self-created ads appear on Google. In comparison to the organic search results, but similar to print advertisements AdWords ads are not for free.

The best keywords to promote Audi
I performed an AdWord keyword search to find out which terms could be used by Audi to promote the brand via SEA. As Audi is a German company (and my Google settings are in German), I will chose Germany and the German language as a base for the analysis.
The search word “Audi” itself, is globally inquired 30.400.000 times each month – 5 million times in Germany in the same time frame. I think that is an enormous amount of occasions people want to get information about Audi-related content. Furthermore, Google gives situations what kind of keywords could be used according to the amount of monthly worldwide search enquiries. In my case, it suggests to incorporate names of competitor manufacturers like Ford, BMW and Mercedes, because these keywords are typed in on Google over millions of times as well. Probably, Audi could use these keywords when promoting own car models that could be compared with the ones by the competition. Moreover, it is noticeable that Audi is most often connected to certain models like Audi Q3 (450,000 monthly inquiries) or Audi A1 (368,000 inquiries). Thus, I believe it is valuable to use specific product names as keywords. Surprisingly, terms like “second-hand audi” are not that often used  – only 110.000 times each month, but still it is important by Audi to be found when a user types in “second-hand car”. Other more specific keywords like “Jahreswagen” (cars which can be bought by company employees at a discount and resold after one year), “tuning” or “convertible” are used frequently.

The (market)place to be
Another search with the keyword “car” made clear ,that next to certain brands many users look for automobile platforms to get information about cars and matching equipment. For example virtual car marketplaces, like the popular German and, are more than 5 million times typed in on Google. Therefore, I would advise Audi create advertisement with the same or similar terms to appear when users look for those sites. Furthermore, Audi could buy advertising space on the marketplace itself to make sure that potential car purchasers will think about the brand as well. Additionally, terms like “equipment”, “test”, “tuning” or “forum” are related and important keywords when searching for cars.

Audi, what else …
Additionally, Audi could use other not car related keywords to promote the brand. As the company is supporting several events like winter sport or movies, special ad campaigns could be designed which appear when users are looking for the Ski Weltcup, German Touring Car Masters or the new Iron Man movie.


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